12 Monthly Packs (1 Year Subscription)

At UKFlyFisher I am always pushing to be unique and in doing so, it allows me to offer exciting and innovative products. Over the last few years I have noticed two key issues when it comes to buying flies. The first issue is just how confusing buying flies can be, because of this you spend more time and money purchasing flies than you should be. You also end up with flies that you not only have no faith in, but most of them don’t even get used. The second key issue is that once you have purchased the flies, there is very little information readily available on how to fish the flies. To combat this issue, every month I will supply you with information on how to fish the flies your receive. This is a huge project and you would be mistaken in believing that it comes with a price tag to match. I do everything myself and because of this I have been able to keep the price as low as possible without impacting on the quality of my products. At less than £15 a month, this really is an affordable solution to help you improve as an angler. Allowing you to spend more time fishing and less time scrolling through pages and pages of flies to purchase.


So, what's included in this yearly subscription packet?


12 Monthly Packs:

January £15

February £15

March £15

April £15

May £15

June £15

July £15

August £15

September £15

October £15

November £15

December £15


Total value:

Fly packs           £180

Postage             £36

Total                  £216

Yearly discount £41


Discounted Total £175

12 Monthly Packs (1 Year Subscription)

Price Options
Yearly Subscription
£175.00every year until canceled