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Quality Trout Flies Made in Wales.

3 Candy Floss Boobies tied on size 10 Short Shank Special hooks. These hooks are extremely strong and sharp and are capable of landing the biggest UK fish.


With this pattern, it is a great fly fished as part of a team but also will work as a solo fly on fry feeding fish. I often use more natural flies on the droppers and use the candy floss booby as an attractor. Hoppers and Holographic Nemo's often work well on the droppers. An intermediate or sink line is often best with 18ft of fluorocarbon broken up into 6ft to the top dropper, 6ft to the middle dropper and 6ft to the point fly. The retrieve that works best is a slow figure eight often just keeping contact with the flies and the takes can be ferocious so I would recommend 6lb or higher breaking strain fluorocarbon.


This method is great fished through spring and summer and can be very good for finding the feeding level of the fish. Also when you see trout feeding on shoals of fry cast this fly amongst them for great results.

Candy Floss Booby