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Quality Trout Flies Made in Wales.

3 Diawl Bug tied on size 10 or 12 hooks. These hooks are incredibly strong and sharp and will have no problem landing huge fish.


This fly is as part of a team often as a dropper. I will often set up with a sink tip line with a cruncher as a point fly and 2 Diawl Bachs as droppers. Fishing a method known as straight line nymphing. Another variation is having a blob as the point fly attracting the fish into your more natural dropper flies.


This version of the Diawl Bach is so deadly and versatile. I have only recently started tying and using the pattern and it is already responsible for a large amount of fish. It seems to be a firm favourite of small wild brown trout and is a great general imitation pattern. It can be used on both still waters and rivers across the UK.

Diawl Bug