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Quality Trout Flies Made in Wales.

3 Quiller flies tied on size 10 or 12 hooks. These hooks are extremely strong and sharp and are capable of landing the biggest Uk trout.


This fly is great and has caught me many fish. The method I prefer to use is fishing them as a team of flies. Often this will be my middle dropper. I will set up with a booby on the point fly to help maintain the depth I want to fish at then 2 - 3 nymphs 5ft apart up the cast. My preferred lines for this method are anything from a sink tip to a Di3 line. When fishing with cormorants on the dropper I often use a figure eight retrieve, however, if there is a nice ripple on the water I'll often leave the water to move my flies naturally just retrieving to keep in contact with the flies.


With a slimmer profile than its cousin the Holographic Cormorant, this half buzzer half lure fly is deadly on big reservoirs where fishing a team of flies comes into its own. Often a great solo fly in the summer months when the fish are busy devouring buzzers. Whichever method you are using you can't deny that this series of flies catch fish.