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UKFlyFisher's First Thoughts On Squirmy Worms.

January 6, 2017


So, after being advised by a couple of local fishermen to try a squirmy worm pattern I decided it was time to give them a try. I tied a variety of colours and sizes as I always do when trying a new pattern, but I was not 100% sold on the idea. In theory, the reds and earthworm colours should work as a trout taking a worm seems entirely natural and these colours would be as close to naturals as you can get without fishing with a live worm. However, the Phosphor blue took my fancy the second I tied it. Why? I could not tell you, maybe it's the colour combination and the links it has to the cat’s whisker colour combination which has to be one of the best still water flies around today. 



After waking up at 6 am to take them for a test fish at Tyn-y-Graig trout fishery I noticed that they held the glow in the dark property for quite some time before fading. This made my intrigue grow and I was interested to see how they fish. I set up with my 10ft 8weight Enigma rod my Super-Dri 6ft Mini Tip and a 15ft fluorocarbon leader. I cast out a short distance to wet the fly and line and then lifted into a false cast. I cast out roughly 25 yards, not my furthest cast by any stretch, but to a place where I knew the fish tend to hold and started to retrieve. The retrieve which seemed to agree with me was a slow figure eight, now and again giving a few quick tweaks to help the fly rise back up in the water column, before returning to a slow figure eight.


First cast, nothing, so I cast a little further. now 30 yards out and in a real hot spot for this fishery. Bang. A fish took on the drop and the fight was incredible, it was a lovely fish of about 2lbs. After dealing with the fish I continued to fish at this distance and brought the fly back with the method described above. To say this method is deadly was an understatement I had my limit within 40 minutes, it was too good if anything. The following 3 fish all took after a quick tweak followed by a pause of about 2 seconds then continuing with the slow figure eight. It was deadly, but it would be wrong to claim this after trying a fly at just one location. 


So, I arranged a trip to Garnffrwyd the following Friday. Me, my father in law and 4 of his friends went up on boxing day, a tradition we have held ever since he first took me fly fishing 7 years ago. They all started with various winter lures, black cat, black mamba and the damsel to name a few but I started with the Phosphor Blue squirmy I had used the previous week. My first cast as always was in amongst the margins just too wet the fly and unexpectedly as I was stripping line from my reel ready to cast I saw a beautiful brown trout swim off with my fly. I quickly lifted my rod tightening into the fish and let the line go as he bore down deep. I quickly wrestled the fish into my net and released him unharmed. Pleasantly surprised by just how well this fly was working I quickly cast back out to a rising trout and began to retrieve. 4 casts later I felt a nip, I had missed a fish, but I paused and then continued to figure eight and he took again. This fish was a lot bigger than the brown around the 3lb mark.


After releasing this fish, I decided to try other flies as the Phosphor Blue Squirmy seemed too good, and I wanted a bit of a challenge. I fished for 6 hours and only managed to pick up two additional fish, both on the cat’s whisker. My fishing companions were also struggling so I decided for the last hour I would put back on the Squirmy I had previously taken off. Within 10 minutes I had another beautiful fully finned rainbow with lovely white tips to its fins. I continued fishing and cast into the margins after seeing a disturbance on the water around the reeds. A stonking big rainbow took it on the drop and as I tightened into the fish and he went flying, crashing into the water creating a huge disturbance. When I got it to the net it was a perfectly proportioned rainbow of 4lbs without a mark on it. A truly lovely fish and one that brought home just how deadly this Squirmy pattern is.



So, in conclusion, I highly recommend the Phosphor Blue Squirmy and it has since become one of my go-to patterns. It is a fly I would happily place on my top 10 fly list for still water fly fishing.




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