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UKFlyFisher’s Top 6 Winter Lures

February 8, 2018


Black Mamba




Hook: B830 size 8
Thread: Black 140 UTC
Tail: Chartreuse Crystal Flash
Wing: Black Zonker Strip

Under Body: Lead Wraps in Touching Turns
Body: Glister Sparkle Dubbing Peacock Black

Rib: Silver UTC Wire Small

Head: Chartreuse 140 UTC


Great fly all year round and a fly I recommend everyone has in their box. During the winter period, this fly comes into its own outperforming any other. It works well in the winter period with harsh weather and snow melt meaning Stillwater’s can become coloured and murky. The large profile and dull colours associated with this pattern leave a distinct silhouette that the fish can see in these tough conditions.


Tip: Try mixing the retrieving with this one. A slow figure of eight retrieve followed by a pause with the odd faster twitch thrown in will often grab a fish’s attention, rather than always stripping.













Hot Head Chartreuse Tadpole






Hook: Size 10 B175 or Equivalent
Thread: Black 140 UTC
Tail: Black Marabou & 2 Strands of Chartreuse Crystal Flash
Body: Glister Sparkle Dubbing Peacock Black

Bead: 3.2mm Chartreuse Brass Bead





A very easily tied winter pattern that again takes advantage of the black & green colour combination that seems to be deadly at this time of year. The weight of the bead helps this sink fast and is a fly I will often use when I can see the fish I am casting to. A good option for those doing a bit of winter stalking.  


Tip: Try varying the colour of the bead with this fly. Often Fish will hit certain trigger points and if the green isn’t getting a reaction often changing to an orange or a pink will get them interested. The UKFlyFisher HH Tadpole Pack has everything you need.




Incredible Black Cat






Hook: B175 size 10 or Equivalent
Thread: Flo. Orange 140 UTC
Tail: Black Marabou

Body: Chartreuse Edge Bright

Wing: Black Marabou

Bead:  Flo. Chartreuse Chain Beads





A relatively new creation and a cross between the Muddler Hulk pattern and a cat’s whisker that seems to be catching a lot of trout this winter. The scruffy rough edge finish associated with it seems to add to its charm and prowess often tempting brownies from down deep to follow if not always take.



Tip: This fly seems to work on anything from a floater to a fast intermediate and tends to get a lot of follows. Turn those follows into takes by fishing the hang at the end of the retrieve.



Rainbow Flash Damsel






Hook: Size 10 B175 or Equivalent
Thread: Olive 140 UTC
Tail: Olive Marabou & 3 Strands of Dancer Flashabou
Rib: Uni Holographic Rainbow Mylar Tinsel

Body: Olive Seals Fur
Hackle: Olive Partridge
Head: Metallic Blue Chain Beads






Damsels are a must have for any modern-day stillwater fly fisherman. This version seems to be a winner for winter fish and one that will outproduce its counterparts during the colder months of the year.


Tip: Often a Slow retrieve on a Super Dri 6ft Sink Tip line will prove irresistible to winter trout. Watch out as takes can be ferocious.



Mini Cutthroat Zonker




Hook: B175 Size 8 or 10 or Equivalent
Thread: White UTC 140
Wing: White Zonker Strip

Under Body: Lead Wraps in Touching Turns
Body Back 2/3rds: Glister Sparkle Dubbing Chartreuse

Body Front 1/3rd: Glister Sparkle Dubbing Red

Arms: Chartreuse Sili-Legs

Bead: 3.8mm Gold Brass Bead


This combination of the famous Cat’s Whisker pattern is a real winner and one that the fish seem more than ready to engulf. This may be due to the large number of small fry fish around at this time but it’s definitely a fly you will want when fishing still waters in the winter period.


Tip: Often a few fast tweaks making this fly rise and fall again in the water will attract the attention of nearby fish.



Pink Chewy Cat



Hook: B175 Size 10 or Equivalent
Thread: Black 140 UTC
Tail: White Marabou

Tail 2: Yellow Mirror Crinkle flash

Body: Hulk Chewing Gum
Wing: White Marabou

Over Wing: Yellow Mirror Crinkle flash

Bead: Chartreuse Chain Bead

Head: Chartreuse Glister Sparkle Dubbing



Tying an old fly with new materials can often prove very successful. The Chewing Gum body by FNF is a must have for all cat’s whisker patterns and an improvement on the typical chenille body most cat patterns are associated with. The flash in the wing and tail of the fly closely resembles small fry present in the water and this certainly attracts the freshly stocked fish.


Tip: Often if the water is clear a fast figure eight will wake fish up. This fly works with most waters but will excel on ones that are stocked regularly.







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