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Quality Trout Flies Made in Wales.

6 Deadly Spring Flies.

February 19, 2018


CDC Mayfly





Hook: B830 #10
Thread: Olive UTC 140
Tail: Pheasant Tail 
Body: Natural Seals Fur

Rib: Brown UNI Stretch Floss

First Hackle: Brown Mets Hackle

Second Hackle: Grizzle Mets Hackle




Great fly for any hatch big or small. A fly that sits high in the surface and creates a silhouette against the sky that the fish find irresistible. For those thinking you need to match the hatch with dry flies think again. I have used this fly in caenis fly hatches and it is just as effective. As long as the fish are looking up and hungry they are sure to grab hold.


Tip: A few false casts across the bank will dry the fly. Doing this is essential and will allow it to sit high when casting to rising fish.



Wilson’s Hopper ( Wet )






Hook:  Short Shank Special size 10
Thread: Black Utc 140  
Body: Black Organza

Rib: Uni holographic Rainbow Mylar

Legs: 3 Red & 3 Black Knotted Pheasant Tail

Hackle: Black Hen





Using modern day materials, we have created a hopper that will rival any in catch rates. The rough buggy texture associated with the organza and the hints of colours given of from the rainbow may make this a great general Imation of any terrestrial insect that has been unfortunate enough to find itself in and below the surface film.


Tip: This is best received on a slow retrieve. Often, I will interrupt the retrieve with 3 quick jerks on the line and then a pause. Continue the retrieve and if there are fish in the area watch out!



Black & Gold Snatcher, Organza




Hook:  B100 Size 10
Thread: Black UTC 140  

Body: Holographic Gold Tinsel

Rib: Black Organza  

Thorax: Glister Sparkle Dubbing Peacock  

Legs: 6 Black Knotted Pheasant Tail

Hackle: Black Hen.




Another new creation from UKFlyFisher using a deadly colour combination with modern materials to create a fly the fish find irresistible. This works well no matter the position on the cast and can even be fished as a single fly.


Tip: Adding movement to the fly with the odd tweak before a pause can prove deadly in amongst feeding fish. If there is a wind creating movement, a slow retrieve just keeping in touch with the fly while not moving it can present the fly in a natural way that cannot be imitated by the angler.



Scruffy Montana





Hook:  Kamasan B175 or Equivalent
Thread:  Black 140 UTC
Tail:  Black Cock Fibres

Body:  Black Seals Fur

Thorax Cover:  Black Pheasant Tail
Thorax:  Glister Sparkle Dubbing Chartreuse

Hackle:  Black Cock 





The Montana is a fly that goes back to the beginning of lure fishing. This more realistic variant brings a scruffy, rugged look to the legendary fly. I tend to fish this as a point fly with 2 smaller droppers and a slow figure eight retrieve.


Tip: Try fishing this fly with the Black & Gold Snatcher above as a middle dropper and a Buzzer/Emerger as the top dropper. This combination seems to excel on catch an release waters where fish soon become lure shy.



Orange HH Damsel





Hook: B175 Size 10
Thread: Olive UTC 140

Tail: Olive Marabou

Tail 2: 2 Strands of Chartreuse Crystal Flash
Body Back 2/3rds: Olive Seals Fur

Body Front 1/3rd: Glister Sparkle Dubbing Brown

Bead: Orange 3.2 mm Brass Beads  



You will more than likely see a damsel pattern of some form in any top fly series I do. The patterns are incredibly effective and a lot of fisherman fail to realise that damsel nymphs may be in the water for up to 24 months before hatching into the Damsel Fly we see and associate with the nymph. Trout are more than happy to devour any unfortunate enough to cross their path.


Tip: Often fishing damsels in and amongst weed beds can be extremely effective. Not only do weed beds offer security for the fish, they also are home to a wide variety of aquatic nymphs that make up a fish’s diet. Trout tend to feel comfortable and confident when feeding in these areas and takes can often me hard and firm.



Black Flash Tadpole




Hook: Short Shank Special Size 10
Thread: Black UTC 140
Tail: Black Marabou

Tail 2: 2 Strands of Chartreuse Crystal Flash
Body: Black Seals Fur
Rib: Medium Black Holographic Tinsel

Hackle: Black Hen Hackle 

Thorax: Black Seals Fur


This fly is deadly. Both early and late season Black and Green is a deadly colour combination. This pattern is one that has proved itself time and time again. It is one of my go to early season patterns.


Tip: Best fished on a 12 ft leader on a sink tip fly line. My recommendation for this would be the Airflo Super Dri 6’ Fast Int Tip.




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