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Quality Trout Flies Made in Wales.

Welcome to UKFlyFisher

Here at UKFlyFisher, we are known for creating some of the most robust and innovative flies on the market.

We pride ourself on the quality of our flies and the expert advise we supply. 

We don't just tie flies, we do a lot of fishing and this allows us to team our flies up with the latest tips, tricks and tackle that will help you bring more fish to the net.

So, let's meet the team that makes UKFlyFisher.




Gareth Wilson - UKFlyFisher 

I have always been competitive, be it playing board games with the family, gaming or sports. I have always felt that I have had to give 100% and that I would be letting myself down if I didn't perform to a high level. Unfortunately, after a serious injury that left me bed bound for 6 months, I was unable to continue sports. 

So, at the ripe young age of 20, my father-in-law, Rob, introduced me to fly fishing. With a trip to Tyn-y-Graig, he let me choose the fly, an Orange Hoy Hed Damsel,a gesture which immediately involved me in the activity. He then cast out for me and told me to retrieve the line. Almost immediately I was into a fish and the take was electrifying. I was instantly hooked. We caught our limit and headed off to the field to practise casting. In just two short sessions, Rob had me casting and almost double hauling. The passion and knowledge he has for the sport after 50+ years involved in the sport make him a great teacher. After this, my thirst to progress kicked in and I found myself watching endless fishing videos and practising techniques for hours on end. It wasn't long before I was a confident and successful angler. The logical next step was to attempt to tie my own flies. Being creative and artistic, this was an easy transition for me and I immediately enjoyed it almost as much and, on some days even more, than the fishing. You can lose hours at the vice tying new patterns and tweaking well-known killers to produce flies that will out-perform their counterparts. 

Pretty quickly I found I had fellow anglers going through my box and asking me where they could get these flies as there was nothing like them on the market. It was at this moment that UKFlyFisher was born and my flies are still as robust and original as the day it all started.

I hope you enjoy my flies and our content.



Tim Allin - Blogger

I fished for many years for carp, mainly for that elusive big old carp that tells a story just from its markings. The latter years just stalking them as I was fed up of taking everything but the kitchen sink with me.

One day I was invited to go fly fishing with my father in law, who is a confident and experienced angler. I first attempted to cast under the guidance of my coach who may I say was extremely patient. I soon found that in my eyes good casting is like poetry and there is a lot more to it than I first anticipated. I remained determined, practising religiously for that first cast that looked and felt right, turning the fly over with perfect timing. I have to admit it took a lot longer than I thought and still I am not consistent with it.

This was a little over a year ago now and my passion and drive is bigger than ever. I don't think there is anything that can beat being at the edge of a lake. Enjoying the fine art of working out what the fish are taking, at what depth and which retrieve is best suited to tempt a fish.

I have been invited by UKFlyFisher to share my experiences and I hope both beginners and those of you who are already fairly experienced will join me as I experience everything the UK fly fishing scene has to offer. 

Best Wishes


Chris Flay - Blogger


My Father first took me Fly Fishing on the River Derwent at Willersley Castle at the age of 4, 30 plus years ago where I caught my first ever fish, a wild Brownie! Since then I have fished all over the world taking my Fly Rod with me.

Fly fishing doesn’t just give you the peace and tranquillity of a secluded river high up in the dales, it also brings you into a community of people who live for the outdoors and enjoy fishing with other like-minded anglers.

Sharing tackle tips, pictures, and visiting places you would never know where there are the things that I enjoy the most about this sport. And of course, meeting new people.

In the past few years, I have begun to tutor beginners into the sport, and I can honestly say when they catch their first fish it’s as good as catching one yourself.

I look forward to seeing you on the banks.


Llwyd Williamson - Presenter

I've been fishing since I was about 8. It started with an old cheap tackle box my parents bought for me and my older sister. It came with a few hooks, some old-style floats and a spinner rod that pulled apart and could be stored inside the tackle box. My first day out on the lake was, as you would expect, actionless. Frustrated with myself I thought fishing wasn't for me, but speaking to an older more experienced fisherman I learnt that everyone has days like this and that it takes time, practice and knowledge to be a true fisherman.

A few months later it was my birthday and my parents had paid for me to have fishing lessons at the local pond. Sceptical of the previous session I went in with low expectations. I was greeted by Bob. He gave me a whip rod with a long bit of line, a small float and a size 14 hook with a maggot on the end. I flicked the line into the water and within seconds the float went under, bobbing up and down a few times till I lifted the line and hooked into my very first fish, a tiny 3-inch roach, but, from that day on, like my little roach, I was hooked.

Flash forward 10 years and I find myself off to University, meeting new people and enjoying the free time, but I still had the desire to fish. That's when I met Gareth and he took me fly fishing at his local pond. He showed me how to cast the line forward and how to retrieve it back. But being a coarse angler for so long old habits die hard and my casting technique was far from ideal. Practice, practice and more practice and I eventually learned to control the line that flew through the air and how to cast further and further.

Now, you will find me travelling the UK with the boys at UKFlyFisher as I co-host Trout Talk Tuesdays with Gareth, a series where we try to give you help and advice to improve your skills both at the bank and on the vice.

I hope you enjoy my content.


Adam Wilson - Camera Operator

I'm so excited to be joining the UKFlyfisher team as a cameraman to capture some incredible angling moments for you. I have always loved being outdoors so the opportunity to film my brother and some of his close friends fishing was ideal for me. The experience of recording some of their adventures has given me a real appreciation for angling itself. As a non-angler myself (for now) it surprised me to find such a welcoming community and camaraderie amongst anglers who all who share a passion for the sport. Even though I don't yet fish myself, as a spectator you become invested in the catch and regret the ones that get away as much as the anglers themselves do. I look forward to bringing you exciting new content in the near future and maybe even giving angling a go myself.



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