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Quality Trout Flies Made in Wales.

Incredible Cats

This fly range was created after watching Davie Mcpahils video on you tube in which he uses Edge bright to create the muddler hulk. Immediately I could see this being extremely effective in a cats whisker pattern and purchased the material. A few days later I had created the Incredible cat range. All that was left to do was test the fly. We took it up to Shropshire and visited Ellerdine lakes where the results were shocking. Not only did it catch the biggest fish of the trip, at 13.8 lbs it also managed to temp the more elusive brown trout that Ellerdine had to offer. Since then I have sold many to customers all over the UK with many reports of browns and tigers being caught on the fly.

This is definitely a fly the modern-day fly fisher needs in their box.

Incredible Cat ( Barbless )